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a few days in almaty

Here are a couple of pix of Stella at our Luxury apartment in Almaty. You do what you have to do...right?? We started out on Monday the 18th, after we left the baby house we went straight to the SOS clinic where they poked and prodded my little sweet pea. They mentioned that she had rickets, vitamin D deficiency...first I heard of that. After that we went back to the apartment to settle in. Stella just took it all in stride. She loved the car ride and later we met up with Galina (interpreter) to walk to Tsum to get more Internet minutes. Seems my phone minutes expired on the same day the Internet expired.

On Tuesday we had such a nice day, we decided to go to the grocery store near Tsum...the minute we walked in Stella started screaming...if you have ever been to a Kazakh grocery store you will notice people following you around, it's a very strange feeling. Do they think I am going to steal something or just trying to be helpful? I still don't know. So there is no baby food that I want there...what I do want is I am with Stella in the stroller and a hand basket with wine in it...I have to adjust everything to pick Stella up, then she stops crying..... BUT...I have to check I put her back in the stroller and she screams away...we have become surrounded by every Kazakh young girl in the store!! They must think I am a very awful mama, they are touching her skin and saying something....I was trying to explain to them that we were just getting to know each other...they didn't understand a word I said. Oh well.

On the morning of the 20th, we had our "roommates" show up. The French lady adopting from Karakhstek. Stella and I had an appointment that day for the US embassy. We got home and took a nap. We woke to was the French lady with her 2.5 year old boy that she just "got" from the Baby house. He was not having it. I guess the poor little guy had thrown up on the long trip home. Later on that night, one of the Mama's of the Taraz 10 showed up to spend a couple of nights also. Our roomy 2 bedroom turned into a very small one room for me and Stella....something I would not do again. Somehow it is NOT fun to make the mistakes with your first child on the first few days of your life together in front of strangers. What was I thinking!? It is also not fun to feel like you are staying in someone else's apartment because they stayed there many times before. However the two kids got along quite well for two babies just barely out of the Baby House.

I think that covers our stay (my 4th trip) in Almaty. Oh, we never got out again....we spent Wednesday and Thursday holed up and poor Galina had to bring us food. It was getting cold and rainy and just not easy to lug everything down the stairs to go out. At this point I have never wanted home so bad in my life!


I am posting now at my other and have made it public. I am home now and getting caught up on my posts! thanks for being patient!

Looking for Sam

This is a blog of my quest to adopt a child from Kazakhstan. Enjoy!